Values / Vision

In today’s world, success is not given, it is achieved. Napierala Consulting believes that old-fashioned work ethic is the cornerstone in which to achieve this. Our ‘do what it takes’ motto is used on every project to complete tasks timely, accurately, and economically.

Napierala Consulting takes a client-centered approach to every job. We get to know our client’s needs, wants and visions in order to provide a product the client will be happy with. We are not happy unless the client is happy as we genuinely care about each client.

Despite the pressures of business, economics, deadlines, and a short construction season, an experienced focus is put on attention to details in order to produce a high-quality final product. We strive to add the appropriate amount of detail so that the owner, reviewer, and/or contractor can easily follow and understand our plans and/or reports.

Lastly, Napierala Consulting views its employees as family. We are a team of professionals striving to provide the best service to our clients. We work off each other’s strengths, ideas and knowledge and are always pushing each other. Mutual respect for our team members and clients is imperative;  it makes for a better workforce and ultimately a better-completed project.